Laser Cannon Is Expected to Solve The Problem of Space Garbage

With the development of science and technology, many countries have launched a series of planetary detectors into space. However, due to the lack of recycling after the completion of the detector work, a large amount of space debris is floating in space, and there is a detection of falling during transportation. The components of the device also have the debris of the space probe, which not only has a serious impact on the space environment, but also affects the normal operation of other detectors.

According to Russian media reports, the Russian Space Agency has announced a plan, Russian scientists plan to build a laser pointer about 3 meters high, through this device, hope to solve the difficult space pollution problem.

Scientists said that the laser cannons under study have two main functions. One is to monitor the debris scattered in space. The monitoring system is mainly composed of an optical telescope with a length of about 3 meters. Second, the tracking needs to be cleared. Space junk and crush the tracking target by emitting a laser beam when necessary.