Fusion Product Laser Pointer Becomes The Market Leader

Every eve of the start of the school season is the most difficult day for parents. It is necessary to carefully prepare the equipment for the children to start school, and it also means a lot of money. According to relevant news, this year’s 00 post-school equipment has been upgraded from the original “three big pieces” to “six big pieces”, one of which has attracted our attention, that is, smart micro-investment.

As an important branch of today’s home projection, intelligent micro-investment has been deeply optimized in terms of quality in recent years. In addition, users are experiencing explosive growth in their pursuit of quality life. This year, especially in September, the overall sales volume has been Up to two million levels, I believe this number will be refreshed again under the promotion of the E-commerce Festival at the end of the year. The traditional household products that have entered the market for many years seem to be as nobody cares as ever. Is this a cool rhythm? Today we are going to talk about smart micro-casting and traditional home.

Traditional homes are gradually injected into the high-end market. First, let’s take a look at these two home laser pointer. The predecessor of the early home projector was the transformation of the business education projection. In fact, there is no difference in essence. The resolution is not high, the brightness is limited, the installation is fixed, the transmittance is too high, and the adjustment process is cumbersome. . In fact, these are not a problem in the field of business education, because the space of business education itself is large, the installation location is not a problem, and early education mostly displays a single document, as long as the content can be “clearly” presented, the quality of the image Not too high a requirement. Back at the household level, these problems have become a serious injury, so despite the improvement in the quality of household products in recent years, the penetration rate is still not going up.