The laser pointer that quickly aroused their interest

If you operate in a certain way, as long as you give the final reward, your cat chasing the high power laser pointer is not necessarily a “bad thing”. But have you ever wondered why cats like to chase laser pointers? Cats can do many interesting things. They are naturally fond of chasing moving objects because they are predators, which makes them excited.

But when they chase things that won’t be their snacks? Well, the laser pointer and light are at the top of this list. This makes many of us cat owners want to know what they are doing and why they are doing it. Have you ever wondered why cats must kill red dots? Here, I will uncover the reasons why you have a better understanding of feline thinking.

Your cat is a predator, never forget it. Yes, your cats are full, they have a warm bed, and they will not be forced to suffer or fight to death for the next meal in the wild. But in their minds, they are ferocious tigers, ready to pounce on their prey at any time. When it comes to green laser pointer things that quickly arouse their interest, your cat has amazing reflexes…for example, points that mimic fast-moving prey in your living room.

RGB High Tech Handheld Laser Pointer

Does your cat really think the lamp is a mouse or a bug? Probably not. But for them, the laser pointer is an exciting game, and they want to actively participate. Many people don’t realize how smart and athletic their cat is actually. Your cat just likes to stimulate their thoughts. It is good to provide them with methods so that they will be happy and use their powerful brains. And, interestingly, the cat’s brain is more like a human brain than you think!

Your cat’s eyes are different from yours. The eyes of cats are very charming. Although their eyesight is not very good at close range, they do have the ability to see things under very low blue laser pointer lighting conditions. We know that cats emit light, or what some people call “eyes glow”, the way cats’ eyes are structured Very different from ours.