Why is the laser pointer red?

The question should be “Why are cheap high power laser pointer red?” Because you can get more colors than red. The reason is that infrared and red LEDs are the easiest to manufacture, while solid-state lasers are just very complex LEDs. The first LED is IR, then red, then orange, and so on. Each new color requires higher band gap energy and more exotic structures and chemistry to push the spectrum toward UV. The older the technology, the more mature it is, and therefore the higher the available power, so the oldest infrared LEDs are very easy to manufacture and have very ridiculous power levels.

In order to obtain green and blue lasers, instead of constructing the required structures to directly emit lasers on these colors, it is better to use simpler, more mature and higher power infrared lasers to optically pump and double the frequency to achieve the desired colors. : This is a green laser pointer, it uses infrared laser to pump YAG crystal (green block), and then enter the KTP multiplier crystal (transparent block).

. I will not let you engage in its main or only formation. As one of the other posters mentioned, they didn’t actually get a green laser pointer for the pleasure of nothing, so it can leave their hunting instincts frustrated or unfulfilled. Feathering on a stick or other chase, capture, or raid games may be more satisfying because they can actually grab something. Sometimes I reward a cat and then reward it with snacks, or turn off a toy that they can grab at the end to get the “aha moment”.

650nm 10mW Red Light Laser Pointer Pocket

But yes, laser lights are fun! In fact, I would stand on a door where I could run the lights over the entire length of the two rooms before returning. My cat likes it and will run from point A to point B and back as fast as possible. Sometimes take turns. I think the record is 5 cats chasing a laser pointer. Good time-haha.

Besides, I assume you are not an idiot, but it is worth mentioning that please don’t be a bastard and let your cat get caught in chasing things. That’s not cool. I was shocked that some people found it fun to deliberately hit their cute kitten directly on the wall or furniture in a high-speed chase. Just please don’t be that person.

As long as I’m ranting a little-my goodness, I want people to keep the damn cucumbers in the refrigerator! It is not funny to scare your cat and put the video on YouTube-deliberately trying to scare your pet is to abuse animals. Do people find this interesting blue laser pointer? Okay sorry-roared.