The laser pointer may not actually be captured

As long as you don’t point it directly in their eyes (as already said here), this is actually not a bad thing. Some cats like it, some don’t (just the fickle nature of cats). I have a cat, a little girl, I lost her last year, she likes to play with high power laser pointer, even when she is 15 years old! My other cats are too lazy and usually prefer “hands-on” toys.

Therefore, they may not actually “capture” the laser pointer light, but you can tell whether it is a “thing” for your cat. Cats like to play with their slaves and do some cute things because
This will make them happy, and cats like to watch them become easily deceived and fall into feline games that fool dummies.

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I have never raised a cat, it has always been the opposite. They trained me to feed them correctly at the best green laser time and allowed them to enter and leave the house at will. I was allowed to sleep in their bed and occupy all the space until they moved in and wanted to keep warm. They don’t mind swiping the soft parts of my body, leaving me on the side of the bed.

When we went to the veterinarian, they asked me to train high-grade carbon fiber, after space reentry test, container, so they will not shred ordinary cat boxes, because they take 28 seconds to exit, and my hair is standing upright. Want to escape. When the vet looked at their armored cat box and asked shyly: “What do I need to know about these cats?” I couldn’t help feeling embarrassed?

They brought me dead gifts blue laser pointer to maintain my interest, occasionally a live bird destroyed the house when I desperately tried to keep the cat away, and many lizard tails. When they go out, they will immediately change their minds and want to go in. Inside, they want to get out immediately.