Can drones be blinded by laser pointers?

It depends on which “drone” you are referring to. If you mean high power laser pointer quadcopter, because the media has adopted the broad term “drone” and narrowed it down to just this one device (which I think is a bit unfair), then no.

In fact, most radio-controlled airplanes are quadcopters that are remotely piloted by humans. At the hobbyist level (as opposed to military drones), the FAA needs a line of sight when operating. Therefore, unless you actually blind the person operating the remote control, you cannot blind the device.

Remote control aircraft, quadcopters, etc. have no visual sensors, except for a few expensive FPV settings. I think you can disable it if you can aim steadily on the camera lens for more than a second. But again, pilots should also be in line of sight to prevent them from losing FPV capability.

3000mw Laser Pointer Mini Flashlight Shaped

People may think that you can use a laser to blind a digital camera, because people on the ground are most concerned about privacy, regardless of whether this is their true right in this situation. Yes, it is possible. But again, targeting will be difficult.

green laser pointer can interfere with a laser-installed filter that does not have a safety camera and in some cases permanently damage it. People who have high-power laser pointers (it has been imported illegally) and use it maliciously will be dangerous in criminal and civil charges. It would be quite easy for those accusations to make the laser pointer owner look nothing but a model citizen.

The owner of the laser pointer may have a few hours of satisfaction, but a few hours spent in jail, defending himself in court, paying attorney fees, doing community service, paying fines, and paying the owner of a security camera to install a new In time, better, state-of-the-art systems may come with expensive blue laser pointer filters. At this point, he might think that he had never thought about using a laser pointer.