They seem to really enjoy the laser pointer

Laser pointer is a technical term used to describe the halo that appears when you look at a cat’s eyes in a photo or a strong light flickering in their direction in a dim light. Because of this, the dancing light they see from those high power laser pointer is very interesting to them.

This is also because the colors they see are different from the colors we see when we see the light projected from these laser pointers. But no matter what you do, you should not look directly into their eyes. Not that you will, because you love your feline friend. If you see someone doing this, ask them to stop as soon as possible. This is not good and may actually damage their eyesight.

When a cat is determined to do something, they won’t back down to get it. This is especially true when it comes to food bowls that they must fill according to their preferences. The problem with the green laser pointer is that the thrill of “hunting” they are using it does not have a critical end. They will never really kill that red dot and enjoy the feast of a little light.

650nm 10mW Red Light Laser Pointer Pocket

When your cat hunts, you need to perform three key steps, otherwise your cat may become very frustrated: tracking, raiding and catching prey. You may leave your cat’s desire with the unfinished laser pointer because of its Play. Happy cat, happy life. I think it goes without saying! So please proceed with caution, my friend.

If you want to excite your cat in a fun way, there are many better ways to do it than to let them hang in endless fake hunts. There are some interesting products, such as kitty fishing toys, which allow your cat to chase and catch a fake mouse, which will be more rewarding for them in the long run. Or, if they seem to really enjoy playing with blue laser pointer, toss a few and treat them as a reward for being such a powerful little hunter.