Users Can Configure and Extend The Laser Pointer as Needed

The new modular platform architecture allows users to configure and scale their systems as needed, resulting in complete flexibility. To better achieve production flexibility and automation, customers can choose different solutions for system configuration: one, two or four laser pointer, different power laser configurations (400 or 1,000 watts), fixed focus or dynamic focal length Different types of scrapers, more diverse exposure strategies, different part handling methods (manual or automatic), multiple monitoring options and three different clamping systems (3R, Delphin, Erowa).

For full-size, full-size print jobs, customers can also choose between two powder feeding options without the need to stop refilling during the mid-stop. The two methods of powder supply include: bottom-up powder supply method that is not affected by the particle size distribution of the powder; or automatic powder supply from above to achieve a closed-loop solution.

The system is compatible with EOS shared modules. Manual or automatic auxiliary modules and logistics handling modules can simultaneously support multiple EOS metal additive manufacturing systems. As a result, all equipment setup, pick-up, handling and sieving operations can be operated independently, thereby avoiding the impact on the additive manufacturing process and improving overall efficiency.