650nm Glass Coated Lens Red Laser Line Generator

Available with qualified glass coated lens, 650nm red laser line generator is getting much better performance than formally used plastic coated lens. Even though this red laser pointer is used for long term or long distance, it gets no appearance of laser light decay or blur at all. The desired red reference line is available with high linear quality and strong laser light transmittance, thus easily obtaining super clear red line targeting on various targeting surfaces.

Owing to its employment of 650nm red laser diode, available with the longest development history and the most mature laser diode tech, this red laser line generator is just able to get extremely stable line alignment in long term use. It is not the same as a burning experiment used red laser pointer, no longer limited for maximum continuous lighting time of about 30 seconds, this 650nm red laser module can support even longer time. When this laser line aligning device is working together with other device or equipment, it just supports maximum daily operating time of 8 to 10 hours.

According to the use of high quality glass coated lens, getting optional degree of 10°, 20°, 30°, 110°, red laser line generator obtains different line length of 0.5 meter to 6 meters. It is very easy work to get clear enough line alignment under condition that users are making proper selection of both output power and optic lens degree. If users are not familiar with this line laser device, users should make proper communication with laser tech engineers about desired red line length, line thickness and work distance from beam aperture to real work surface.

The real laser line alignment work with red laser line generator has no appearance of laser light decay under formal operation rules. It is a professional line alignment tool, which is only allowing operation by skilled users or trained workers etc. According to its simple use of external DC input power supply and good configured metal heat sink cooling and APC driving circuit board, it is easily obtaining constant red line targeting stably.

In some of harsh occasion, such as laser line alignment in military targeting, laser cutting or other outside working occasion, this 650nm red laser line generator is employing high duration aluminum alloy housing material, passing through anodized and oxygenized surface treatment, making sure of efficient thermal conductivity and super stable red line alignment under harsh occasions including mechanical shocking, calibration, strong interference or static etc.