Yike Optoelectronics Laser Pointer Insists on Innovation

On the road of independent research and development of sensors, Yike always insists on innovation, and its technical level is in the forefront of the industry. On the basis of the continuous expansion of the existing product line, we are also committed to the development of smart photoelectric laser pointer to provide users with higher performance and more accurate measurement results to meet the ever-changing market demand.

This year, Yike focused on the development of sensors to optoelectronic products, and successively introduced the OSM60 and OSM70 medium-range laser sensors, using the latest design of chip algorithms to improve the measurement value and measurement reliability of the products, and provide more through the rich interface circuit. Multi-communication method, widely used in various industrial manufacturing fields.

OSM60 laser sensor is a newly developed rangefinder product based on TOF algorithm. The longest measuring distance is up to 10m. It has a visual display and 4 teaching buttons to set up the product online. It provides convenient conditions for the user’s teaching; 3 high-brightness LED indicators indicate the running status of the sensor; rich output interface: 1 analog + 2 independent push-pull, can also provide digital interface or bus interface It has great compatibility with the end user’s signal acquisition end; M12 connector connection mode; the shell is made of thick stainless steel material to prevent it from affecting the harsh working environment. The sensor is used in a wide range of applications, including automotive manufacturing, automotive parts manufacturing, construction machinery, logistics packaging, and stereo garages.