R&D Design of Laser Pointer According to Market Demand

OS21-AK photoelectric sensor is a close-range laser pointer detection product with detection distance of 15mm and 30mm. It adopts red light source design and emits light at a small angle. No potentiometer, the detection distance is not adjustable, the detection is more accurate and reliable, and it can be applied to light. Industry, logistics, small equipment, packaging machinery and other industries.

It is worth mentioning that in order to make the product as close as possible to the application conditions of the relevant industry, Yike pays attention to every detail of the product service while ensuring the performance of the product. For example, the OS21-AK photoelectric sensor used in the packaging industry uses a standard bolt-on mounting method. The φ3 bolt hole is designed as a one-time injection molded metal thread. The purpose is to prevent the device from being affected by vibration or mechanical force. The hole is cracked, and the user is relieved of the stability of the installation.

For a long time, Yike has always been customer-oriented, researching and designing products according to market demand, and investing a lot of energy in market research, so that each new product has certain market prospects and gives customers more and more reasonable. Choose a space. If the customer has special application requirements, Yike can also customize and develop according to the actual needs of the customer, and specifically solve the problem of sensor selection, realize the substantial improvement of the overall operation status of the equipment, and lay a good automation. Hardware foundation.