Home Laser Pointer Turn Away High-end Route

Since the road to popularization does not work, the home laser pointer gradually turns away from the high-end route, focusing on professional families. With the laser and 4K powerful assists, the actual picture effect is comparable to that of a professional theater. Under the background of the booming “urban entertainment” industry, movie-themed hotels, movie bars and private clubs have appeared, giving the home projector a bright and shining stage. I believe that a large number of related products will be released later.

The price of intelligent micro-investment is the key. Until the LED light source is applied in the projector, the actual volume of the product is greatly reduced, which makes the small volume and the large picture show a sharp contrast, and breeds a new category with a great effect. Birth, that is, now smart micro-projection. The early products are too much to pursue the “extreme” small volume, the actual properties, especially the brightness value can be said to be horrible, not to mention the light environment can not see, the color can be correctly displayed is not bad. In the past few years of continuous adjustment, major manufacturers are struggling to find the balance between property and volume, so there is the emergence of smart micro-casting of quality homes in the past two years.

We think there are three main reasons why smart micro-investment can rise. First of all, it is the change in consumer viewing habits. In recent years, consumers are more accustomed to actively choose content to watch, TV has gradually become a “split”, the operating rate has dropped rapidly, coupled with the user’s demand for size, the smart micro-investment with the advantage of large screen has risen.