520nm Green Laser Line Module

Employed by import 520nm green laser diode, green laser line module is just getting highly stable green reference line instruction for various industrial precise machinery processing and inspections efficiently. The direct diode emission always gets super wide range output power from 5mW to 50mW, which is just able to generating super intense green laser beam, forming into high straightness green laser line alignment clearly and accurately.

Owing to much longer wavelength than 532nm green DPSS laser, this 520nm green laser line module gets forest green color laser beam, while still efficient enough to keep precise line positioning as expected. The pure forest green color laser light is very soft, not feeling uncomfortable in constant green laser line alignment operation. Once this 520nm green laser module gets higher range output power from 30mW to 50mW, laser line aligning is also workable for higher lighting and longer distance efficiently.

520nm green laser line module is never being used separately as a green laser pointer. Although it gets quite compact structure design, however, users should also try to install or adjust it on proper positioning so as to get quite satisfied laser line alignment result precisely. This 520nm green laser module is being used as an accessory part of those of industrial machine or device, such as a wooden board processing machinery, textile garment line positioning, industrial device, image processing system and laser medical treatment devices etc.

When 520nm green laser line module is applied as an accessory line, the real line measurement would be also workable in various working environments. Thermal emitting is a key point for users to assure its highly stable line laser alignment in continuous machinery processing works. When 520nm green laser module gets the adoption of aircraft used aluminum alloy housing and copper material 520nm green laser diode, which is just getting the most sufficient thermal emitting, superior stable green laser line targeting under mechanical shocking or static and strong interference etc.

The direct line targeting from internal 520nm green laser diode has just made green laser line module workable under all harsh working environments. It is just equipped with super wide range operating voltage of 3V to 8.4V operating voltage DC input power supply, making sure of the brightest green alignment laser line targeting perfectly. Unless super sunlight line positioning, this green laser module is just making great work under high lighting and all working environments marvelously.