Advances in ultra-fast laser micro-nano manufacturing

Zhao quanzhong, vice President of nanjing advanced laser technology research institute, attended the summit and delivered the keynote speech of “progress and application of ultra-fast laser micro-nano manufacturing”. Ultrafastlaser pointer have unique ultrashort pulse, at a relatively low pulse energy to obtain the high peak intensity, thus can solve many conventional methods to meet the high, refined, sharp, hard and difficult processing problem, achieve amazing processing effect, effectively improve the processing quality and processing efficiency, far-reaching influence on industrial processes.

Through direct writing, interference, autocoherence and other technologies, ultrafine lasers can induce structures from nanometers to millimeters across a material’s surface, giving it new properties and opening up new applications. By 2020, the ultra-fast laser market will exceed $1.5 billion, with huge potential, zhao said.

Ultrafast laser science is a very young new discipline. In recent years, with the breakthrough and commercialization of high-power picosecond, femtosecond laser and fiber ultrafast laser technology, ultrafast laser has already moved from laboratory to practical industrial production and application. With the increasing demand of high precision machining market, ultra-fast laser will be widely used.