Application of high brightness laser in industrial processing

As a new type of light source, semiconductor laser has a wide application prospect in many processing fields. Its compact structure, good beam quality, long life and stable performance and other advantages are favored, mainly as fiber laser pump source, solid laser pump source, can also be directly used in laser pointer medical treatment, material processing such as cladding, welding and other fields. Influenced by the development trend of fiber laser towards high power, semiconductor laser is also developing towards high power and brightness. High luminance semiconductor laser has high optical power density, which is an ideal pump source for high power fiber laser.

Zhao juyun introduced the design and test results of kaplin in high brightness semiconductor laser pump source, QBH head and beam combiner. In terms of specific applications, emphasis is placed on welding. “Low carbon steel and stainless steel are welded with a semiconductor laser. When the laser power is 2 kW, the welding speed is 0. At 2 m/min, the surface of low carbon steel welded by semiconductor laser is wider than that of stainless steel, and the fish-scale pattern is more obvious. In addition, the weld is wider and the heat affected zone is larger. Meanwhile, the welding cross section of low carbon steel and stainless steel welded by semiconductor laser is different from the traditional “nail head” shape, which is a typical “U” shape. In addition, the stainless steel welding seam cross section compared to low carbon steel is more slender, the melting width is significantly narrower, the melting depth is slightly deeper. In addition, the corresponding relation between welding speed and weld depth and weld width, the corresponding relation between laser power and weld depth and weld width, and other welding application characteristics are introduced.