Laser cladding technology to boost the coal industry capacity upgrade

Laser cladding is a new surface modification technique. It by adding in the base material surface cladding material, and make use of high energy density laser beam and fused together of base material surface layer method, at the grassroots level for metallurgical combination of surface and its cladding layer, which is the most important in the application of laser pointer processing system components, are widely used in machinery manufacturing and maintenance, automobile manufacturing, textile machinery, Marine and aerospace and petrochemical industry.

In the field of traditional industrial manufacturing, functional electroplating technology is the most effective anticorrosive process, but electroplating is also one of the three industries with high pollution, especially having great damage to human health, air, water and soil.

It is reported that in the coal mine energy machinery maintenance industry, the previous full-mechanized mining support column cylinder and live column maintenance and strengthening, the traditional coating process for electroplating hard chromium, its processing cycle is long, environmental pollution is serious, corrosion resistance is poor, maintenance effect can not be guaranteed, the production hidden danger is huge. Laser cladding has the unique advantages of low temperature, no deformation, high strength and so on, which greatly improves the effect and performance of mechanical maintenance. This technology takes laser as the heat source, belongs to the completely green environmental protection processing method, and is gradually verified by all walks of life to be the most able to replace the electroplating processing technology.