Lidar is a new guarantee for intelligent security

With the rapid development of the security field in China, the security system is becoming more and more integrated, multi-functional and intelligent. The traditional single camera mode cannot fully meet the requirements of more and more complex, diversified and multi-functional security environment. The addition of lidar provides new solutions and new functional supplements for security integrators and customers. Compared with the traditional security monitoring system, the security scheme based on lidar not only meets the protection and alarm function of the customer base, but also can improve the deep needs of the customer and has greater advantages.

In recent years, the rapid development of lidar technology, technology from simple laser pointer ranging technology, gradually developed laser tracking, laser speed measurement, laser scanning imaging, laser doppler imaging and other technologies. The working environment also developed from the visible light region (ruby laser) to the near infrared region (Nd: YAG laser), and then to the infrared region (CO2 laser), while many lidar now work in the near infrared region (0. 76-1. 5 microns). Therefore, many lidar of different USES have emerged, such as precision tracking lidar, detection lidar, underwater lidar, etc., making lidar a kind of system with many functions.

It can detect human body as well as common objects without relying on biological far-infrared induction. Even if the invader USES infrared shielding clothing, it can be reliably detected. And it can accurately distinguish between the forbidden surveillance area and the allowed open area (to reduce the interference of people’s activities in the open area). Relatively leaky wave cable (buried cable), compact volume, can be installed in any location, convenient installation. A single sensor can protect large areas. Compact size, easy to conceal installation and reduce installation workload. The shape of the monitoring area can be set flexibly by the user. In the working mode, it is also convenient to switch the monitoring area shape and other parameters

Lidar, which USES a laser beam, works at a much higher frequency than microwaves and has a very high resolution, allowing it to detect both moving and stationary objects. At the same time, multiple independent monitoring areas can be set up, and multiple independent outputs are used for different monitoring purposes. When an intruder is detected, accurate location information can be provided, combined with real-time tracking and focusing of video system.