Russian scientists develop laser cannons

With the development of science and technology, many countries have to space launch a series of star detector, but because of not considering the probe after the completion of the work of recycling problem, now with a large amount of space junk floating in space, a fall in the process of transportation detector parts, there is also a space probe debris, which not only brought serious influence to the space environment, also affected the normal operation of other detectors.

Russia’s space agency has unveiled a plan to build a laser pointer cannon about three meters high, which Russian scientists hope will solve the thorny problem of space pollution, Russian media reported.

According to scientists, the laser cannon under study has two main functions. One is to monitor debris floating in space. The monitoring system consists of an optical telescope about 3 meters long. Second, track the space junk that needs to be cleared and, if necessary, shoot a laser beam to shatter the target.

When laser cannons receives the destruction of monitoring target instruction, the device has reached the stage, then triggers the laser ablation process, the equipment will be from 160 km to 2000 km above the earth area lasers, the region temperature rose dramatically, prompted the wreckage spacecraft and other space junk is hot melt, thus reach the cleaning effect.

Currently, scientists plan to use a high-energy solid state generator to power the laser cannon, and further develop more efficient and lower energy consumption of power supply equipment. Scientists say they hope laser cannons will be used to clean up space junk in the future, helping to restore a clean and tidy space.