The us military has developed high-powered laser weapons for vehicles

It is reported that the us military’s scientific research institutions are ready to install a powerful laser on the ground platform, such as armored trucks, so that it can protect the vehicle from enemy rockets, mortars, artillery threats, and recently conducted several experiments, have achieved remarkable results. It is expected that by 2020, vehicle-mounted laser pointer weapons in the United States will enter the testing stage.

Laser weapons are extremely fast and maneuverable. However, laser weapons are also affected by weather conditions. If there is a heavy fog, rain or snow, they may have a great impact on their use effect. In addition, laser weapons also need a lot of energy for the launch, and the consumption of energy is also very large.

Although laser weapons have undergone continuous changes in materials, from solid laser emitters to carbon dioxide to chemical ones, their effects have not been as good as expected, because the core technology has not been solved, which also affects the array of laser weapons. It may be harder for American vehicle-mounted laser weapons, but American technology should be ready for testing by 2020.