AVIC Releases 16000 Two-Color Laser Projector

During the InfoComm China 2018 Chengdu Exhibition, AVIC Chinese Painting officially released the LP160UL high-brightness two-color laser engineering machine, which once again raised the brightness index of the Chinese painting product line to a new level.

According to reports, the Chinese painting LP160UL model is a high-brightness two-color laser engineering projector independently developed by Chinese painting. This model adopts blue-and-red semiconductor laser plus green fluorescent crystal wheel space optical coupling technology and semiconductor laser array integration technology to effectively combine the three primary colors required to display images with DLP chips, achieving 25000 hours in the whole machine life. On the basis, the output brightness of the whole machine is up to 16000 lumens. Increased color gamut to 130% with innovative color processing technology, precision and perfection beyond Rec. With the 709 color standard, the saturation and color accuracy of red images have been greatly improved.

In order to ensure the stability of the projection system in high lumen display, the Chinese painting LP160UL adopts the dual-ion doping high lumen fluorescent crystal light effect enhancement technology to support high temperature environment and improve the fluorescence conversion efficiency by 10%.

In addition to the green laser pointer brightness and color indicators, the LP160UL uses a number of new technologies to increase brightness uniformity and color uniformity. The model is also available with a variety of projection ratios from 0.35 to 3.0 that can be replaced to meet a variety of complex installation environments.

Chinese painting this LP160UL high-brightness two-color laser engineering projector, the technical indicators in the domestic leading level, some indicators reached the advanced level of the industry, the product officially entered the market, will greatly expand the domestic application of high-end large-screen display field.