Laser Is Widely Used in Various Industries

The GL-3 is a mid-range 2D LiDAR sensor with ToF technology that provides 2D spatial information over a range of points using a scanning spot beam.

The product uses a scanner with an optical loss reduction system developed by SOS LAB, which enables mid-range detection and easy product miniaturization.

The product can be used in robots, drones and industrial automation systems and is now widely used in various industries as the most versatile green laser pointer model in the field. The TL-3 is a short-range 2D solid-state LiDAR sensor based on optical triangulation using line lasers and image sensors.

This product offers a 120 degree field of view without mechanical scanning structures or MEMS micromirrors, excellent durability and reliability, small size and weight, and lower cost.

This product can be used for security, industrial automation, drones, subway screen doors and so on. In addition, SOS LAB is dedicated to combining hardware sensors with object recognition and tracking technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) using 3D point cloud LiDAR data to provide a space/object recognition solution for autonomous vehicles.

SOS LAB CEO Jiseong Jeong said: “The vision of SOS LAB is to become a LiDAR vendor that is leading the competition with superior product performance and economical price. We are committed to providing innovative and unique solutions to the challenges facing today’s industry. Solutions to better address consumer concerns and meet global market demands.”