Green Laser Pointer’s Unprecedented Value

The latest trend in coherent fiber communication points to photonic integration of InP (indium phosphide) as a leader in high-speed communication to reduce costs and improve performance. The same technology allows Blackmore to integrate designs into chip-level lidars.

“Until recently, automotive OEMs and suppliers have been able to select pulsed lidars only for their vehicles, which has proven to be insufficient to meet the long-term goals of the autonomous driving market,” said Dr. Randy Reibel, CEO of Blackmore. “Blackmore Doppler The progress of the laser radar has made the engineers of the leading autonomous driving team very excited. They understand the value of Blackmore’s unprecedented solutions and are pleased to be able to choose our economical, reliable, scalable and high performance green laser pointer laser radar system.”

“Blackmore’s team vision is to make Autopilot safer by using FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology to bring Doppler functionality into the lidar system,” said Jim Adler, director of Toyota AI Ventures. “And this is just the beginning. They are also exploring other applications and industries outside of the automotive sector, from surveying to unmanned aerial vehicles.”

Blackmore’s automotive Doppler lidar system is competitively priced compared to existing pulsed lidars and is currently working with OEMs and suppliers in the industry.