Hongshan Laser Teamed Up with Preco to Open Up The Market

Recently, Hongshan Laser and Preco, a manufacturer of precision cutting equipment in the United States, have formed a US-centric partnership. Preco will provide demonstrations and sales for industrial laser cutting machines for sheet metal and pipe cutting produced by Hongshan Laser. Technical services such as installation and maintenance.

These green laser pointer fiber laser cutting machines combine the power of high power fiber lasers, high speed machine tools and material handling. The menu-driven machine control system is installed, maintained and technically supported by the Preco team for simple programming and machine operation to meet all US CDRH safety standards.

Preco’s showroom and demonstration area is located in Somerset and will be open after the US Metalworking and Welding Exhibition in November 2018.

Preco serves the world of engineering and laser machine tool manufacturing. The company has deep technical knowledge and experience and has a high position in solving design, integration, laser material processing and automation applications. In the United States, Preco is almost synonymous with die-cutting machines. Typical customers are concentrated in the aerospace, medical, industrial manufacturing and defense industries.

Founded in 2006, Hongshan Laser is a high-volume manufacturing company that provides solutions for robotics, automation, sheet and multi-axis tube cutting systems, welding, automation and other laser equipment with Industry 4.0 as its core. This time, together with Preco, it will help Hongshan to explore overseas markets and enhance the competitiveness of its products.