Equipment Boosts Development of High-quality Green Laser Pointer

“In the past, inkjet was mainly used for inkjet coding. Not to mention pollution, consumables are not good, and it is not conducive to preservation. It may fade in a period of time, but the new coding technology of green laser pointers does not have the above-mentioned defects, which has subverted the entire industry. for example.

Lin Xiaocong is also the vice chairman of the Zhongshan Optoelectronics Industry Association and a member of the Laser Processing Special Committee of the Chinese Optical Society. Speaking of Zhongshan’s support for equipment manufacturing, he said that two policies are very practical. First, subsidies are paid for the purchase of locally produced “working machines”, and second is the first set of policies. The “working machine” policy is to encourage Zhongshan enterprises to purchase equipment produced by Zhongshan enterprises, and the government can subsidize up to 30%. The first set of policies can better stimulate research enthusiasm. For example, a new device spent 5 million yuan in the entire research and development process. Through policy subsidies, it can make up for the purchase of materials and research and development personnel costs during the research and development process, encourage research and development personnel to engage in research and development, and greatly help local laser companies in Zhongshan. .

“Although the work machine subsidy is to replenish our customers, we have improved our competitiveness through subsidies to our customers. For example, for the same piece of equipment, Zhongshan enterprises bought 1 million yuan for Shenzhen equipment and 1 million yuan for Zhongshan production. 30% subsidy, only 700,000 yuan to buy equipment in Zhongshan. “Lin Xiaocong admitted that this reduces the burden on enterprises to purchase green laser pointers equipment, and enhances the enthusiasm of enterprises to use equipment.

From the perspective of the city, green laser pointer equipment manufacturing enterprises have grown rapidly in recent years. Take the Torch Zone as an example. The zone has gathered a number of equipment manufacturing enterprises that have mastered cutting-edge laser technology, and there are more than 100 enterprises in the “work mother machine” manufacturing industry. For example, Huakuai Photon has developed the leading domestic picosecond, femtosecond fiber lasers and industrial metal powder 3D printers.