Gradually Forming An Industrial Cluster Green Laser Pointer

“These laser coding equipment are selling very hot. They sell about 50 units a month. In addition to being very competitive in the Zhongshan market, they are also sold to other provinces and cities. A standard one is 20,000 yuan, and an expensive 60,000 yuan “At the Zhongshan Laser Show last Thursday, Lin Xiaocong, general manager of Zhongshan Hantong Green Laser Pointers Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hantong), told reporters that industrial upgrading must be well equipped, and equipment manufacturing is an important force for high-quality development Facing more opportunities.

Hantong is a laser equipment company that has grown up in our city in recent years, and is an “old customer” at the laser equipment exhibition. As a rookie in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing, the growth of Hantong’s business reflects that Zhongshan’s laser industry has shifted from equipment-based applications in the past to shifting sales and application of Zhongshan’s own production equipment.

The Zhongshan Laser Show is the fourth one this year. At this exhibition, Wang Youliang, director of the green laser pointer processing professional committee of the Chinese Optical Society, introduced in an exclusive interview with reporters that Zhongshan’s laser equipment application market is huge. Take Guzhen as an example, there are more than 500 imported and domestically produced high-power laser equipment There are 160 multi-kilowatt high-power laser equipment produced by TRUMPF, the world’s leader in the industry alone. “In such a small town, so many high-power laser equipment is an area with a high density of high-power laser equipment in the world.” Wang Youliang said.

Wang Youliang believes that Zhongshan used to be mainly a laser technology application market, and laser equipment R & D and manufacturing were weak. Zhongshan’s “one town, one product” has a distinctive economy. Lighting, hardware, home appliances, auto parts and other industries are large in scale. As the market demands higher quality of green laser pointers, the demand for laser equipment applications is greater.

“Now there are a number of influential laser companies in China who want to settle in Zhongshan. Zhongshan will soon form a laser industry cluster or agglomeration, which will greatly promote the development of the laser industry in Zhongshan.” Wang Youliang said.

Wang Youliang analyzed that the well-known domestic green laser pointers enterprises chose Zhongshan for development mainly due to two reasons, one is the large application market and the other is the local government’s policy support. For example, support for the first set, corporate research and development, and talent. He believes that compared with surrounding cities, Zhongshan should design from the top of the laser industry development and introduce laser technology as a high-tech industry.