Bring A Total Solution Laser Pointer

  1. Projectors are mainly divided into three major areas: business education, engineering and home. Among them, engineering projection has the highest requirements for brightness, so a bright laser has a unique advantage in this field. In addition, with the emergence of HLD in education, the advantages of laser projection have become less obvious. Therefore, many manufacturers are focusing on the field of engineering projection, so the laser pointer engineering projector has also become the focus of this exhibition.

    At this exhibition, we can see that whether it is an established brand or a new enterprise, everyone has exhibited the latest engineering projectors. In addition, the brightness in the field of engineering projection has also been improved. At the exhibition, we saw that the brightness of new products of engineering projectors included 6000 to 10,000 lumens, which can meet the application needs of most industries.

    The increase of solutions is also a major attraction of this exhibition. Participating manufacturers prefer to bring everyone a total solution instead of individual products at this exhibition. From the integration of 8 high-brightness laser engineering projectors to the outdoor architectural projection system to the Wumei performing arts projection solution combining laser and ultra-short focus zoom lens. The change from solution to product indicates that manufacturers pay more attention to customer service, which is also the future development trend of the entire industry.

    After years of precipitation, the laser light source has become the mainstream of the projection industry. The author predicts that within the next three years, new light sources led by lasers will completely replace traditional light bulbs and become the market dominator. As the industry’s most eye-catching event, the new technologies displayed each year are the vane of the industry. Whether it is a tri-color laser or 8K resolution, I think they will be the development direction of the future projection industry. Perhaps in the near future, 8K and tri-color lasers will come into our lives.