Three-color Laser Extreme Color Experience Laser Pointer

Since it is a grand event for the display industry, many manufacturers in the projection industry will not be absent. After years of accumulation and precipitation, laser light sources have been widely recognized by major industries. Therefore, from 8K laser to tri-color light source, laser pointer has become a well-deserved protagonist of the projection industry at this exhibition.

The first highlight of this exhibition is the high-profile debut of the world’s first commercial 8K laser projector. 8K is the vocabulary with the highest rate of display in recent years, and 8K TVs have already entered the user’s field of vision. Compared with other home display devices, the projected 100-inch large screen requires significantly higher resolution. The introduction of 8K laser projection marks that the projection industry has finally opened the door to 8K.

As the world’s first commercial 8K laser projector, this newly launched flagship product uses solid-state laser phosphor technology with a brightness of up to 25,000 lumens and can provide 8K resolution at 33 million pixels. In addition, this product also uses the base ColorMax color correction technology, so you can ensure the accuracy of the color and the black field information of the picture.

Ultra-high brightness with 8K resolution, this product is very suitable for scientific research, theme parks, science museums and other related industries. The author believes that the launch of this 8K engineering projector can become a new symbol of the projection industry, and more manufacturers will test 8K in the future. Looking into the future, 8K must also be a key development direction in the field of laser pointer projection in the future.