Do you know how to choose a laser pointer?

In fact, the Green laser pointer is composed of an optical cavity, gain medium and pump source. The wavelength is determined by the energy surface structure of atoms, molecules or ions in the gain material. At present, developed countries have given crystals, nonlinear optical equipment and priority applications and They are integrated into their high-tech development plan. As an indispensable strategic move, they attach great importance to and strongly support.

The selection of laser gun should pay attention to the quality of the diode. The diode is the central component of the beam. If there is a problem with this component, there will be problems with the reflection and conduction in the back, so the quality of the diode should be considered. This is the main part of the 5MW laser pointer. In addition to the excellent quality of the product, it is also necessary to pay attention to the after-sales service guarantee, so that everyone can buy it.

As the current intensity increases, the color of the light becomes unique and the wavelength is relatively short. At this time, the light emitted by the CDs is a green laser. When the current passes through this structure, the end of the CDs starts, a blue-green laser with a wavelength of 490 microns , Each atom emits a useful photon, in addition to improving efficiency, its operation can also increase speed. Some green laser pointers can rotate more than 20 billion times per second, which makes them suitable for fiber optic communications.
The products we sell on eBay are currently less than 5MW, because the US law stipulates that Class III and Class IV lasers are not used with laser boxes for promotion. The main factor behind the purchase is the power of the laser pointer. Pay attention to the cotton thread of the laser pointer when purchasing. The power of the domestic laser pointer is relatively high.