Do you know the development history of laser pointers?

The first generation is a single laser pointer. The laser can only work with the laser! According to the color of the laser, the laser will switch to red and green. The red laser is more normal. Because it is cheap and expensive. Green lasers are expensive and are mainly used for buildings and astronomical observations.After more than 50 years of development, laser technology is no longer a research field, but is being applied in practice. Existing technologies have been combined with various applications in various fields, such as photonics, medicine and photonic lasers, manned and measurable laser cards, laser chemistry, laser reading lasers, and programmable lasers. Core soul. The emergence of new disciplines, such as inter-departmental technology and integration, continues the development of traditional and new departments.

The green star pen is commonly known as the star pen. If it is 100 kilowatts or more than 100 kilowatts, it has already generated too much electricity. In this case, the notebook will be like a green laser pointer at 200 pounds, and it will withstand the use of high-power assembly molds. It’s more likely to be burnt if too much heat.This is a summary of several generations of laser pointers. Master the basic knowledge to be able to use the Green laser pointer better. The laser pointer should not be placed in everyone’s eyes. As a result, the retina may be damaged, leading to severe visual impairment. It is recommended to proceed with caution.

An example is intercepting lasers (also known as voice weapons, voice assistants, etc.), which can move multiple barrels up and down wirelessly. This pencil is a second-generation standard pencil; some roofs actually have USB storage.The third-generation interactive blue laser pointer is composed of a position planner and a laser pointer. You can use a laser pointer or draw and write directly on a projector or wall, or use it on a computer. Images, images, and images with significantly improved performance; it can work on almost any screen; it can work on any computer. In any case, this is essential.The second-generation smart laser pencil is an electronic extension of the ordinary laser pencil.