How to increase the power of laser pointer?

Laser display has the advantages of large color gamut, high brightness and long service life. It is easy to realize on the large screen and has great market potential. In order to obtain better visual experience, the shorter the red laser wavelength displayed by the laser, the better the visual experience. For example, at 640 nm, the sensitivity of the human eye is three times that of 660 nm. With the rapid development of fiber laser technology, Material processing is not only the second largest field of laser application, but also the fastest developing field in recent years.

Laser pointer is playing a more and more important role in all fields of national economy and people’s life. Increase the laser power. The first thought is to increase the power (energy) of the laser pump. Of course, there are two other aspects. In terms of light source: increase the pump power, such as increasing the current of semiconductor laser and increasing the optical power on solid-state laser. Of course, it is impossible to blindly increase the power of the pump. The Laser pointer is also limited by the impurity concentration of working materials, equipment cooling and nonlinear effects.

There are many ways to change the laser loss, such as Q optical mirror tuning, Q electro-optic tuning, Q acoustic tuning, Q saturation absorption tuning and so on. In the case of Q-type electric modulator, a new device in Green laser pointer is polarizer and electro-optic crystal, which is then circularly controlled by electro-optic crystal, Periodically change the polarization direction and the initial direction of the polarizer in parallel or perpendicular. With the progress of technology, semiconductor laser itself has great development space in power, wavelength, working mode and so on. Further develop emerging industries such as laser display, laser recognition, virtual reality, fine processing and medical testing. As a central tool, semiconductor lasers have entered millions of families. From the point of view of output optical path: for continuous pulse laser, the power can be increased by Q-switch pulse compression. By changing the loss value, the flow threshold of particle number can be controlled by increasing the laser power.