Laser pointer can be used for medical purposes In recent years, Europe, America and other countries

In recent years, Europe, America and other countries have made new progress in laser correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. In fact, Green laser pointer is widely used, not only for observing stars, but also for laser cutting, laser printing, laser ranging, laser welding and so on. He has also made great achievements in the biomedical field. The application of laser technology in medical field includes basic research, new technology development and new equipment development. Laser plays a great role in clinical treatment and diagnosis, and can help solve many medical problems. Laser diagnosis and treatment technology has been more and more successfully applied to the field of life and health, and has become an important part of modern medical precision diagnosis and treatment.

1. It can be used as phototherapy. Phototherapy uses the photothermal effect of laser pen to coagulate, vaporize or cut biological tissues, so as to eliminate pathological changes. The instrument is only the size of a stamp and can produce thousands of ultra-fine lasers. A thin tube with an inner diameter of only 1 / 10 the thickness of human hair is placed under the laser transmitter, and a laser sensor is placed around the blood sample tube, which is irradiated by thousands of lasers. The laser reflected and refracted by blood cells is collected, then amplified into an electrical signal and input into a portable computer. Compared with traditional therapeutic surgery and other laser surgery, femtosecond laser surgery has higher accuracy, safety and stability., It is considered to be a relatively perfect clinical ophthalmic treatment. Yes 2. Target dental diseases. The traditional method is to use tooth filling, tooth extraction and other operations, which are difficult to eliminate. Now Laser pointer curettage is used, that is, laser irradiation is used to vaporize the diseased gums and kill the diseased cells. Another better way is to heat the enamel with a laser at about 1000 ° C, melt the enamel and re solidify it to make it look new. In recent years, American medical expert Gregory has successfully created laser healing technology based on laser welding. In the medical application of laser technology, in addition to the medical science introduced above, there are also new application achievements and developments in gallstone treatment, orthopedics, gynecology, digestive tract, laser sterilization and so on.

At present, three laser treatment technologies have been formed in the clinical application of laser medicine: high-power laser therapy, photodynamic therapy (PDT) and low-level laser therapy (LLLT) [1]. The simultaneous development of laser medicine includes optical coherence tomography (OCT). Many laser diagnostic technologies, including photoacoustic imaging, multiphoton microscopy and Raman imaging, have high sensitivity and high resolution. With the continuous progress of laser technology and the continuous traction of the demand for accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment, new technologies, new mechanisms and new ideas in the field of laser imaging continue to emerge, and new diagnostic technologies such as non-contact unmarked imaging and real-time in vivo imaging are gradually derived. Clinical application.