Market prospects of high-power laser pointers

IPG high-power continuous fiber lasers provide output power from 1 kW to more than 100 kW, featuring wide operating wavelength range, single-mode and multi-mode options, high stability, and long pump diode life. The maximum power of the handheld laser is 2w for blue light and 700mw for green light. The laser depends on the brand. Now the same brand is better and the price is quite expensive. 2w blue light is about 1200, 700mw green laser is about 5000, the price of green laser is more expensive than blue light, and it is more prone to damage, but the brightness is more powerful. High-power laser diodes are usually lasers with output power in watts or kilowatts (kW), so the difference comes from milliwatt-level laser diodes, which are used in applications such as Green laser pointer and optical disc readers. High-power laser pointers are used in industrial applications such as heating and welding, as well as optically pumped high-power solid-state lasers.

High-power Laser pointer usually have relatively poor beam quality and produce beams with high divergence, which means that the photons in the beam spread rapidly as they travel forward. Therefore, they are most commonly used in applications that are completed over short distances and do not require extremely high precision. High-power laser pointers are usually used for welding, welding and heat treatment in industry. The analysis was conducted at the defense acquisition test site in Biscarrosse using a multi-purpose Rafale fighter that fired at an extreme 90-degree angle and had a range of more than 15 kilometers. The launch test demonstrated the segment tail laser guidance capability of the modular air-to-ground weapon with an accuracy of 1 meter, which can counter fast and flexible land or sea targets. Combined with its out-of-area launch capabilities, modular air-to-ground weapons will become unparalleled air-to-ground missiles in the tactical air-to-ground weapons market.