Please don’t use laser pointer to irradiate cat’s eyes

If the cat is placed next to the Green laser pointer, the cat can see it in the line of sight. The cat can’t judge whether this little thing will pose a threat to itself. The cat only knows that it is small and moves fast. Their nerves are so annoying that they focus on their prey. Cats just want to “kill” to challenge their authority. Contrary to the cat’s laser operation theory, it is a joke to let the cat track the laser. Because the cat is tracking a person who can’t catch the red dot, the cat’s brain says that if it wants to catch food, it will hatch. Even if the owner is having fun, the cat won’t feel like a game. We all know that we can’t easily shoot a laser pen into people’s eyes because it is very harmful to people’s eyes. The result is the same. play

When playing with a Laser pointer and a cat, don’t shoot a laser into the cat’s eyes. For the same reason, a strong laser burned the cat’s eyes. This caused irreparable damage to the cat. Therefore, cats should be careful when shooting. The eyeball is one of the main components of eyeball attraction, which is composed of two key cells: component cells and ball cells. The cell pattern of wood column under low light and dynamic control; Cylindrical cells have more cylindrical cells than wood cylindrical cells, which means that we can see a world full of energy and color. Cat eyes have more brain tube cells than ball cells. Cats naturally like to play with laser pens. This is because cats are naturally curious and can hunt vehicles. At present, they will hunt laser action and only have “red spots” with the same shape, especially young animals. His psychological ability, they always like endless pursuit, but be careful that the laser pen interacts with the cat. To avoid eye injury, do not scan eyes or mirrors with a laser pen. When you play with a laser pen, don’t drag the cat to a dangerous place to prevent accidents.