Laser pointers are very useful in life!

No matter what you are looking for in green, blue, red, purple, yellow or infrared lasers, you now have many options. Before buying, you must consider the following points. The color (frequency) of the laser is determined by the actual wavelength or frequency of the light. In the green visible spectrum of 532nm, the same intensity as the human eye is the brightest color of the laser. This means that if we observe the storage of the Green laser pointer, in 200MW, the green brightness will be 7 times that of other colors. Infrared safety filter This is the most important part of laser pointer safety, because many cheap lasers do not have infrared mirrors to block potentially dangerous beams. You must make sure that every laser you think of has these safety measures. To be sure, laser companies with no shelf life or short shelf life believe in the quality of their products. Every credible company must provide lasers for at least three months and have a standard one-year warranty.

No matter which way you choose to buy a Laser pointer, you need to conduct your own research on the company and the quality of the laser pointer you can consider. In many cases, cheap lasers burn too fast to provide the required high-quality laser pointers. In the United States, only one laser source has the most choices online. The trick of the laser is to collect this invisible weak light from the human eye, and then emit a clearly visible light. This is done through two mirrors. The photons are repeatedly reflected between the mirrors and are greatly amplified, just like acoustic feedback (if the microphone is too close to the speaker). The color of the laser beam depends on the semiconductor material, it is always red in the most economical everyday hands. The green laser pointer needs to be assembled.