How much do you know about laser weapons?

Laser weapons can be divided into strategic laser weapons and campaign laser weapons. The Laser pointer weapon system is mainly composed of lasers, equipment, harassment, targets and launching devices in 2013, and low-energy laser weapons are mainly used for In order to lock the short-range vision sensor, mask the eyes, and use some advanced monitoring means; These high-energy laser weapons mainly use chemical lasers. According to the current development level, they will be stationed on ground and air platforms for tactical air defense within 10 years, Missile defense and anti satellite operations. Scientists believe that there are two basic elements of how the laser destroys the target: perforation, the so-called fault perforation, which means The high-density beam suddenly melts and then evaporates. The vapor is projected onto the outer surface to produce shock wave effect. When the atom ionizes, it tears a hole in the target, absorbs the energy of the laser and forms a flame cloud, It extends outward, generating waves that travel farther. With the development of science and technology and the general improvement of industrial capacity in various countries, countries are ushering in a new wave of R & D reflecting new characteristics.

Laser is a laser produced by some substance produced by some nuclear particles. The flame point, frequency and direction, enough pure energy are concentrated in one place, so the ruler is called “the fastest knife”, “the brightest light” and “the most accurate ruler”. Although the beam gun has obvious advantages, it is not easy to develop powerful beam weapons. At the same time, efficient combustion of high-energy Green laser pointer weapons requires the establishment of a powerful energy transmission system, Thermal devices and equipment for eliminating atmospheric effects. First, let’s talk about laser weapons, It uses high-energy laser to accurately launch long-range missiles or directional weapons with a variety of powerful missiles, such as defense missiles.