How does the laser pointer light a match?

Many sellers claimed in the product introduction that the light emitted by the laser pointer can “ignite firecrackers”, “ignite firecrackers”, and even “light cigarettes”. The experimental method is not complicated, and the match is fixed on the table with a dovetail clip. Press the bright laser pointer and aim the laser at the match. Surprising things happened. From the time the laser pointer was pointed at the match to the match was ignited, the whole process took just over a second. According to this method, the experiment was repeated many times, and the result was that the match was successfully lit every time, and the “second” point was achieved every time. It is true that a laser pointer can light a match in 15 seconds. The laser pointer itself is safe, but if you use it improperly, there is a big safety hazard. Therefore, do not irradiate the laser pointer on clothes, eyes, or skin. This is very dangerous. And be sure to tell the children not to play with laser pointers.

The parallelism of the laser is adjusted here to make the energy of the laser more concentrated. In this way, the energy given to the match is greater than the energy lost, and the temperature rises, and the match is lit. In the drill corridor of the fire brigade, firefighters open the matchbox , Put a match under the beam of the laser pointer, and the head of the match is instantly ignited. Afterwards, the laser pointer was irradiated on a normal black plastic bag, and the burnt smell of the plastic could be smelled instantly. After 5 seconds, the black plastic bag was ignited and caught fire. Immediately afterwards, the reporter took out the pig skin prepared in advance to simulate the skin tissue for the irradiation test. After irradiating the pig skin with the Laser pointer for about 10 seconds, the pig skin will have a burnt smell and burnt spots, and the burnt spots will appear black in about a minute. Human skin is much weaker and softer than pig skin. Once it is burned by laser, the consequences can be imagined.