How much is the most powerful laser pointer?

The laser pointer is usually worth $100. Internet shops are cheaper and you can choose a good brand. Good YLT-330 (50W) laser arrow, the flying distance is several kilometers. Writing design, silver-gray appearance, suitable for lectures, conferences and lectures. The power of Uniland YLT-330 is 5mw, 10mw, 20mw, 30mw, 50mw, 100mw, 150mw and 200mw. It has a built-in green laser, which is visible to the naked eye in darkness or fog. The flying distance can be up to 800 meters, up to 3 kilometers. The light beam will burst the balloon. The laser light source based on Gan’s semi-polar laser diode is combined with modern fluorescent dust technology. Since the laser pointer concentrates on a tiny spot, emits light and converts it into white light, the light source can export safe and highly focused white light, and use miniature optical lenses and reflectors to better control the light. The light is very good. Compared with blue light, the laser will not reduce the light efficiency. As for lighting, laser lighting can be very effective.

The maximum capacity of the manual Laser pointer is 2w (blue light) and 700mw (green light). What you are talking about is just a virtual standard, and you will laugh at it in front of those who know the profession. Laser relies on one brand, and now the same brand makes it better, and the price is very expensive. 2w blue light is about 1200, 700mw green light is about 5000, green light is more expensive than blue light, more easily damaged, but brighter. The headlights are 170 lumens per watt, and the road lighting distance is 600 meters. Before LED, it has great advantages… There is no doubt that laser lighting technology is a global and unstable new generation of lighting technology, and its influence and power are expected to reach tens of thousands of tons. This seems to be a completely new field, with advanced technology and a wide range of “financial scenarios.