The principle of laser hair removal by laser pointer

Light is the source of life, it is the basis of our study and understanding of the world. With wavelengths between the visible spectrum of 380 ~ 780 nm and uv less than 380 nm, laser hair removal is a very safe and effective method with very clear direction and no side effects. Skin is a relatively transparent structure in the face of a powerful laser. The skin is just a banners cellulose, so the laser can easily penetrate the skin and the capsule, the capsule contains a lot of меланопигм и нт first may consume a lot, after all, the laser energy is converted into heat energy to increase the temperature, because the skin capsule does not absorb the laser energy or only a little absorption of the Laser pointer energy, the skin itself is not affected.Therefore, if you use these hair removal methods, you should perform laser hair removal at least two weeks later; Photosensitive persons and those with a history of keloid or hypertrophic scar formation are not suitable for laser hair removal.

Laser capsules and capsules based on the theory of selective photothermal effects contain melanin. Lasers may be a target for melanoma, precisely and selectively treating hair loss. As the melanoma absorbs the laser’s energy, its temperature rises dramatically, causing surrounding capsules to burst and hair to fall out. After contraction, the light is absorbed, the black spots fall off naturally, the capsules are damaged, and the natural hair cannot grow. Professor Tai Ning Wei from the Hospital Dermatology Department zи ань Zк University interview “Medical services” remind pregnant women recommended daily as appropriate laser hair removal; Infection or nearby areas must be treated with anti-inflammatory therapy and then laser treatment; Therefore, laser hair removal using these methods should be carried out no less than two weeks later. Scars are not suitable for laser hair removal.