Where is the scary thing about laser weapons?

The United States is now developing a new type of weapon, which is very powerful and can instantly penetrate an aircraft carrier. This guy’s such powerful power makes everyone very nervous. Many people worry that such weapons can instantly penetrate the aircraft carrier. Will it be able to change the mode of future warfare in the future and elevate the war to a higher form, if it is true That’s terrible. The debut of the world’s first laser weapon has also attracted great attention from the world. Another advantage of laser technology is that it has a kinetic energy effect that travels at the speed of light. It is also a very precise weapon. You can aim the beam at a moving target to cause damage to it. Using infrared detection to identify incoming missiles or other threats, the Boeing aircraft was not designed to shoot down drones at the time. This is the hallmark of Israel’s new laser system.

This new type of laser weapon does not rely on a laser beam to melt the target, but can use a pulsed laser beam to instantly decompose the target. The new Laser pointer will be based on the technology research and development of emitting short-time, intermittent pulsed laser. Although the technology has been used in laboratories, the intention of the US Navy is to make this laser weapon technology more dense (faster rate of fire) and powerful (more powerful), capable of targeting and attacking long-range targets. This weapon focuses on vehicle damage, ultimately making laser technology a cost-effective alternative to conventional weapons, and laser weapons will become a potential complement to anti-UAV defense systems.