Realization of light spot track recognition with laser pointer

The light point channel detection methods due to the constantly changing teaching environment and expanding scope, it to some extent affects the effectiveness of learning. It is therefore recommended to use different techniques in a large-scale teaching environment. The representation on the didactic screen differs from that of the existing technical literature. Entry methods are also recommended for identifying moving paths and converting them into numbers and words using visual and electronic techniques. However, the target mirror size of this device is limited and cannot achieve the precision required for a standard projector size. Due to the lack of universality of uncertainty about the purpose of the review. But when used in an interactive 4-block environment, it can be moved anytime with distance, because influencing factors are limited, user accuracy is very high. Compared to laser-stift, the current situation provides a technical update of Lehrmodus, so that the teacher of the teaching of coordination and freedom; Can be changed in other environments by multiple fernandzeige mensch-informatic-interaktionsger äte fernandzeigen, thus avoiding direct contact with the person on the screen and a better reliable device. There is also the cooling device, i.e. the additional function of the camera. Integrated devices are used to calculate the position of light points. With one click, you won’t have to deal with additional waste on your processing equipment. Also, the laser stylus used is exactly the same price as a lot of pens, and that’s less than a tenth of the sum of a touch device.

The computer and the “casual” device interact through a wireless network connection to allow interaction between the “casual” Laser pointer device and the computer. The patented technology of the invention not only matches target images, but also identifies them at a speed close to the upper limit of the visual frequency of an ordinary camera. The invention effectively identifies marks of light points, special effects of different shapes, letters, numbers and representations. No, that’s not possible. Laser pens are like light waves on the surface of things and buttons for connecting computers and other devices. This message is sent by infrared or wireless communication. The effective distance for infrared communication is 15 meters. The effective radio frequency communication interval can be greater than 25 meters.