The laser pointer will not affect the body

As long as the temperature of objects in nature is higher than zero, they will continuously transfer heat in the form of electromagnetic waves, which is called “radiation”. The energy released by an object through radiation is called radiant energy. In other words, radiation is a process of releasing energy. Sunlight is radiation, but it can’t affect your body, let alone you. Laser doors usually have poor performance. Compared with industrial laser or medical laser, this is the so-called light source. Since industrial lasers, like those used for steel sheets, can generally be used in workshops, visible radiation should not harm human body. The low laser pen is harmless. Of course, if you really want to know the intensity of radiation, you can dig out relevant physical information.

Do not use Laser pointer:

1. Laser is harmful to human eyes. Don’t aim directly at people’s eyes and try not to cause accidental injury. Please use laser goggles of corresponding wavelength when using indoors or indoors. The blind can’t find it
2. Please do not start for too long (especially the green laser). Do not exceed 30 seconds in summer. If you find the lamp or spring temperature, stop immediately until it cools down.
3. When used in winter, the green laser needs to be heated for a period of time to produce the best brightness. You can put it in your pocket to keep warm, and then put it in the battery. It’s best not to last more than one minute to prevent the laser from aging too seriously and damaging the eukaryotic or module.