Do you know the temperature of the laser pointer?

Laser products generally have an operating temperature range, usually between 0-40 degrees. The temperature is between 10-40 degrees. When the temperature of the laser pointer is too low, such as lower than the working temperature, the laser is not fully started and the light is very weak. With the increase of stability, the laser will gradually brighten until it is stable. However, if the temperature is higher than the normal temperature, the laser light will drop, but it is normal that it will light up again after leaving for a period of time. Of course, this situation will not continue during shutdown. If this happens, it can only indicate that the product is unstable and has problems. It is generally recommended that pen lighting should not exceed half a minute to one minute at a time. The flashlight has a large volume and can be used within 3 minutes. With the increase of power, the time is shortened accordingly. The main reason is that there is too much laser heating, and you are worried about burning the circuit or luminous body.

The actual Laser pointer power is between 5mw-150mw, more than 100MW. So you can estimate the temperature of the focus. The greater the energy, the longer the focus hits the object, and the higher the temperature. The same energy means that the same energy is produced at the same time. If they all become heat, the energy is the same. Therefore, whether it can be ignited faster depends on which wavelength of light the ignited object can better absorb. Some suggestions 1. Generally speaking, blue violet light has strong dispersion, which is suitable for marking routes and not suitable for remote ignition. 2. The infrared band is most suitable for heating, but there are few infrared lasers on the market and there are them in the laboratory. 3. Red laser has small dispersion and long distance. I think it’s suitable for heating. Finally, if you can adjust the handheld laser, you have a micro weapon.