Why is the laser pointer a perfect tool?

Laser shows are entertainment activities using lasers. Usually, the light of one or more laser beams is affected by deflection too fast. Today, lasers can rise from less than 5 MW to 5000 MW or 5 MW, which means knowing where the combustion threshold is, which is usually at least 100 MW. This means that any laser below 100 MW will be forced to burn anything without being completely eliminated. Any laser exceeding 100 MW will be considered a combustion device, but not all lasers are the same. There are two types of laser shows: the so-called beam show, also known as room show, in which the laser beam is aimed at the audience (so-called audience scanning) or at them. Or the second variant of graphic display, usually called projection display: here is pattern / Graphic / text / logo / etc. Projected onto a solid surface. Depends on the size and range of the laser pointer. The combination of three-dimensional performance and graphic performance effects, such as telling some stories or creating additional dramatic effects in the performance.

Scientists at the University of Nebraska Lincoln fired an ultra-high intensity laser called Diocles into electrons suspended in helium. The purpose is to study how photons in laser are scattered from a single electron. It is the light scattering from the surface that creates vision. Outdoor exploration and survival activities are a good guide. The irradiation distance of flashlight is limited. The irradiation distance of laser pointer is generally about 800 meters, and the minimum is 300-500 meters, which is very economical. Electricity, if there is no electricity in the strong light flashlight, you can use the laser pointer as a survival tool. Another thing is that a Laser pointer can light a match.