Advantages of UV Lasers

The laser beam is usually a mechanical printed circuit board that provides low voltage replacement methods such as milling or automatic circuit board cutting. However, UV lasers have the advantage that other lasers do not have, that is, they can limit thermal stress. This is because most UV laser systems operate in a low power state.

By using is sometimes referred to as the process of cold ablation, ultraviolet laser beam produces a narrow heat effect zone effect can be at the edge of processing, carbide and other thermal stress to a minimum, and the use of higher power green laser pointers usually have these negative effects.

red laser pointer

The wavelength of the UV laser is shorter than the visible wavelength, so the naked eye is not visible. Although you can not see these laser beams, these short waves allow the UV lasers to focus more precisely, resulting in extremely fine circuit characteristics while maintaining excellent positioning accuracy.

In addition to the short wavelength, the workpiece temperature is low, the presence of high-energy ultraviolet light to ultraviolet laser pointers can be applied to large PCB circuit board combination, from FR4 and other standard materials to high-frequency ceramic composite materials and polyimide, including flexible PCB Materials and other materials are applicable.

UV lasers are used in resins and copper to exhibit extremely high absorption rates and have an appropriate absorptivity when processing glass. Only expensive excimer lasers (wavelengths 248nm) will achieve better overall absorption rates when processing these major materials.

The difference in this material makes UV lasers the best choice for a wide range of PCB applications in a wide range of industrial applications, from the production of the most basic circuit boards, circuit wiring, to the production of compact embedded chips and other advanced processes are common.

The UV blue laser pointer system directly from the computer-aided design data to the processing circuit board means that there is no need for any middle man in the circuit board production process. Coupled with the precise focus of ultraviolet light, making the UV laser system can implement very characteristic of the program, and repeat the positioning.