Application Analysis of New Generation

Low power direct semiconductor lasers are mainly used in plastic welding and soldering. In the plastic welding, laser welding with weld size precision, non-contact welding, mechanical stress, low thermal stress, welding appearance integrity, no welding slag and other advantages. In the solder, the laser welding with no welding head, non-contact, welding time is short and so on.

The kilowatt class direct semiconductor red laser pointer is used in cladding, which has the advantages of no consumable, small heat affected area, compact structure, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, easy integration of automation, maintenance-free and low cost. It is ideal for cladding applications. The kilowatt-class direct semiconductor laser is used in welding. The semiconductor laser has the advantages of large spot, uniform beam distribution, high electro-optical conversion efficiency and low input cost. It is suitable for thin plate welding, such as life metal welding.

green laser pointer

It is understood that today’s mobile phones, computers, mobile wear equipment and other large use of PCB circuit board, electronic equipment production process, the need to identify the two-dimensional code to trace the circuit board to help enterprises more real-time, accurate and reliable production quality management. The traditional way of marking is to paste the paper on the product with ink label, but this way has many problems: the amount of material is large, the pollution is high, the labor cost is high, the mark is easy to fall off and so on. The laser pointers processing without supplies, without manual participation, can significantly save labor costs, improve work efficiency, to avoid waste and pollution.

Large format platform PCB laser marking machine is powerful, can mark bar code, two-dimensional code, characters, graphics and other functions; Compatibility: optional fiber laser, CO2 laser, green laser, and in white oil, Green oil, black oil and other kinds of ink and CCL surface marking; to achieve traceability: with automatic code and self-test function, to achieve traceability; high degree of automation: to achieve automatic loading and unloading, reduce labor costs.

Laser cutting is a process revolution of sheet metal processing, and it is a machining center in sheet metal processing”. Laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility, cutting speed, high production efficiency, short product cycle, and has won a wide market for customers. Laser cutting and no cutting force, no deformation; no tool wear material, good adaptability; whether it is simple or complex parts, can be cut with a precision of green laser pointers rapid forming; the narrow kerf, good cutting quality, high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity, no pollution; can realize automatic cutting like, nesting, improve material utilization, low production cost, good economic benefit.

At present, stainless steel laser cutting machine with its good beam quality, high precision, small kerf characteristics, smooth, flexible cutting arbitrary graphics are widely used in metal processing industry, there is no exception in the decoration industry, let’s take a look at the application of stainless steel blue laser pointer cutting machine in the decoration industry. Laser cutting system is constantly improving the high and new technology, information technology, compared with the traditional machinery manufacturing technology, another revolution, the stainless steel decoration engineering industry has a huge role in promoting. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the technology will play a more and more important role, and bring huge economic benefits.