The Next Decade Laser Lighting Will Replace LED Lighting

Laser lighting is a laser as a light source, but not directly to the laser “on the road”, so I am afraid that titanium eyes are really going to be blind. Laser lighting visible light laser lighting and infrared laser lighting.

Visible light blue laser pointer lighting, according to the principle is divided into the following two: blue light to stimulate the realization of white fluorescent lighting; red, green and blue laser synthesis of white laser, or true color light. Infrared laser lighting, and more used in night vision, night camera monitoring lighting.

Laser lighting of the two areas of application First, the application of automotive lighting in the automotive industry, the second is as a safety lighting, applied in the riding warning. The development of car lights so far, from the initial just to the current standards of judging more and more, brightness, energy consumption, coping with complex environments and even aesthetic design are as “the eyes of the car” indispensable important indicators The Car lights according to the use of time are: kerosene lamp, acetylene lamp, incandescent lamp, xenon lamp, LED lights, 300mw laser pointer headlights.

Whether a lighting technology can be widely used and its own technology research and development progress, the cost level. High-end cars already equipped with LED headlamps, and to start the application of laser headlamps, there are some low-end car is still the main halogen bulb, halogen light yellow light in the rain and fog weather penetration. Xenon lamp using the arc discharge to light, compared to halogen yellow light, white people shines, but “high light dog” more use of this lamp, so the security risks are relatively large.

red laser pointer

Another application of laser lighting is to play a warning role in the safety lighting. Serving others can also help others see themselves at night and protect their own safety. Night riding, no street lights, how to know the road, how to remind the rear vehicle avoidance, the most powerful laser has become a help to protect their own lanterns”. The technology includes standard headlights and taillights, and integrates several advanced sensors, including light and distance detection, to achieve intelligent lighting and avoidance effects. Normally, the rider is surrounded around the single beam. When the car from all directions into the safe distance, BikeSphere activates the two laser projector, and strobe, are of great significance to motor vehicle drivers and riders.

The advent of laser lighting will illuminate the future of LED enterprises. Laser lighting will take place of LED lighting over the next ten years. But because the price of laser is too high now, it can not be widely used, but it will be a big trend in the future.

Laser lighting technology will become a new generation of lighting technology, and its entrance is in the automotive lighting applications. At present, the main task is still technological research and development and results transformation. When the technology is mature and the cost is reduced, 100mw laser pointer lighting will be applied in more fields.