532nm Glass Lens Green Laser Line Generator

When highly visible and bright green laser beam is generating from 532nm glass lens green laser line generator, it is not only able to make super rapid and accurate line alignment on various working surfaces, but also getting the best line aligning result while comparing with other visible laser devices. Owing to its great equipment of 532nm green DPSS laser tech, and the most sensitive color green laser light emission and easily absorbed green laser light to human eyes, this 532nm green laser module is just fulfilling the highest level of accuracy line targeting.

This glass lens green laser pointer line generator generates extremely high linear quality green reference line from its qualified optic lens. Comparing with other manual line drawing or mechanical line alignment tools, the real laser line alignment is much more convenient and easy. When its inside optic lens gets wide range optic lens degree from 10 degree to 110 degree, 532nm green laser module is generating different laser beam fan angle, and producing clearly visible and super fine green reference line with different line length.

Without spending a lot of time on prior line drawing or line positioning work before real line alignment or line cutting work with a manual line drawing tool, the use of 532nm glass lens green laser line generator is always bringing users totally different experience. This line laser alignment tool is adopting external electric power source in type of DC input power supply, it is not only able to save a lot of time on manual line drawing, but also saving a lot of space as its metal heat sink cooling system. In process of long term continuous laser line alignment, this green laser module easily obtains high stability green reference line targeting, and making great technical configuration with other industrial devices.

After quite easy installation and adjustment of line thickness and line targeting direction, there is no need to spend extra manual labor force on the operation of 532nm glass lens green laser line generator. The real laser line alignment gets no existence of mistake caused by manual operation, but also keeping no mistake and high speed line alignment all the time. This green laser module is designed with the best work distance at 3 meters, however, on consideration of its multiple working occasion, this high brightness laser pointer line module also accepts maximum work distance of 25 meters. This laser line alignment tool is a very professional line measuring tool, which is only allowing operation by skilled users or trained people. When users are paying high attention to powerful green laser light and laser reflection, a correct selected line laser module makes no danger line alignment easily.