Industry-specific Laser Pointer Processing Increases The Intensity of Financial Support

According to the characteristics of current system integrators, it may be possible to form solid laser pointer equipment, laser cutting equipment, laser medical equipment, large-scale laser processing equipment and laser processing stations and other forms of system integrators. The existing business owners become these For the company’s investors, in the process of integrating existing system integrators, the government should play a good role as an intermediary and service provider, creating opportunities for companies with mature conditions to be listed and financing, further optimize the ownership structure, and lay a solid foundation for further development. basis.

Improve the supply chain to create and grow a group of parts suppliers with core technologies. The foundation of an industry is supported by many component suppliers. For the Wuhan area, such a component supplier group should include optical devices (such as optical lenses, focusing mirrors, mirrors and transmission fibers, etc.), precision machining, laser pointer power supplies, and precision electronics and electrical. At the same time, these parts supplier groups should have core technologies in this field, which is of great significance to promote the entire laser processing industry. Supporting enterprises are the foundation of an industry, especially those supporting core technologies and independent intellectual property rights, which are of great significance in promoting industrial development.

Introduce and digest from a high starting point to encourage the development of a group of supporting enterprises. First of all, it is necessary to encourage the cooperation between supporting enterprises and scientific research institutions. This is a relatively quick way; secondly, enterprises should pay close attention to the trend of technological development and constantly introduce new ones; thirdly, the government can Encourage the development of supporting enterprises through scientific and technological project plan arrangements and taxation policies.

Waterproof Laser Pointer 5 Meters Underwater

Increasing market power requires system integrators to have greater investment in the promotion of laser processing technology and the establishment of market networks, including opening up overseas markets at a certain time. Through promotion and application, technology radiation and talent training, establish sub-centers, processing stations, and joint ventures for laser processing demonstration applications in China to promote the development of laser processing industry.

Capital platform Domestic capital: Realize the diversification of equity investment, and introduce listed companies, state-owned investment companies, and private capital; Foreign capital: The proportion of foreign capital in Wuhan China Optics Valley Energy Optoelectronics is very small. The introduction of foreign capital can start with supporting industries. After all, foreign capital has technical advantages in most supporting fields related to energy and optoelectronics, and the supporting fields of investment are not as large as investment system integration; foreign companies: It is recommended that the national and local governments have The flexible green laser pointer processing increases the intensity of financial support, makes full use of the domestic economic and social structural characteristics, aims at high efficiency, applies advanced laser manufacturing technology, develops, designs and manufactures high-efficiency laser processing production lines with international leading levels. Introduce foreign advanced technology and capital, establish a number of joint ventures to produce lasers and complete sets of equipment to improve the level of laser products.