Star Wars Drone Laser Pointer Comes Out to Launch Laser

If you grew up with “Star Wars”, you may dream of becoming a pilot and flying a fighter plane to fight in space. The company is ready to help us fulfill our dreams, and it launched the Star Wars drone. The full name of the drone is called, first listed in the UK, and now it is entering the US market. The UAV is priced at $239, and you can choose the T-65 X-wing fighter, or (Star Wars character Darth Vader’s personal battleship) or the 74-Z flying locomotive.

The company is making the “Millennium Falcon” fighter, which is currently not available for sale. No matter which type of drone, the price is not low. The panels of the drone are carved with fine panel lines, just like collectibles. Because of this, concessions have to be made in flight performance. The X-wing drone installs the battery into the throat, and two branches extend from the main body, and the front rotor is installed on it. The maximum speed of the drone is about 40 miles (64 kilometers) per hour, and it only takes 3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 35 miles per hour. UAVs can also emit laser pointer because they are equipped with infrared sensors and transmitters and can be used in air combat.

Waterproof Laser Pointer 5 Meters Underwater

It is not easy to be a good pilot. A training program has been developed to help young or older operators learn and continuously improve their flying skills. The company will soon launch an APP with a virtual training simulator that can teach users to control and fly. The user can switch the drone mode, limit the flying altitude, or limit the speed to 10 miles per hour. Once the user feels that the technology is at home and safe to fly, he can take off the training wheel. So far, the drone has only one thing that makes people unhappy: the combat time is only 6-8 minutes, and it takes 30 minutes to fully charge. The good news is that there are two extra batteries in the box.

The Marine Corps experimented with the “Claws” land-based anti-UAV laser weapon. The US Marine Corps announced that the “Claw” prototype has been delivered to the US Marine Corps for anti-UAV mission testing. It is understood that Sharp Claw is the first land-based green laser pointer approved by the US Department of Defense for use by ground combatants. In recent years, the U.S. Department of Defense has assessed that directed energy weapons can replace traditional weapons to complete anti-UAV missions and have good economic efficiency. If it performs well, “Sharp Claw” will become an important part of the anti-UAV system. The plan adheres to the concept of “fast design and fast delivery”, and the entire process from awarding the contract to completing integration and testing, delivering the US Marine Corps training, and completing deployment preparations only took about one year.