Russian military police will be equipped with laser flashlights that can temporarily blind the mob

How to quickly subdue the mob without causing permanent damage? The Gendarmerie of the Russian Ministry of Defense will be equipped with a new type of green laser pointer flashlight. The mob will be temporarily blind after exposure to the eye, but will not leave any sequelae. According to the Red Star newspaper sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Defense, this laser flashlight was developed by a technology company in St. Petersburg. The torch has a diameter of 3 cm, a length of about 15 cm, and a weight of about 180 grams. After the switch is activated, the flashlight can emit a narrow red laser beam with a small spot.

Whether in the day or at night, when the mob is close to about 30 meters, this laser flashlight can temporarily blind the mob and prevent the mob from shooting and driving to escape. The research conclusion of the Institute of Biophysics of the Russian Ministry of Health shows that the minimum safe use distance of this laser flashlight is 4 meters. When the flashlight is not less than 4 meters, it can be used to irradiate the eyes of the mob. Although it can temporarily lose sight, it will not Cause irreversible consequences. In addition, the person irradiated by the laser will quickly close their eyes conditioned, and this reaction will also protect their eyes from the damage of the continuous laser irradiation.

In addition to being used as an anti-riot weapon, this laser flashlight can also be installed on an automatic rifle or pistol as a laser sight. Before major military operations begin, the attacking party usually shuts down the radio network and only receives signals without sending out signals to avoid being detected by the enemy. This is called “radio silence.” And this kind of laser pointer flashlight can make the special service personnel in the radio silent state send a simple contact signal with the flashlight, the contact distance can reach 10 kilometers, and the laser flashlight battery can work continuously for at least 500 hours.

The head of the Gendarmerie Ivanovsky said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which leads the Russian police, has tried this laser flashlight on many occasions, and the riot effect and safety meet the requirements. According to the Russian Defense Ministry’s order plan, the military police will be equipped with this laser flashlight next year.